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Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy AI is here

Welcome to the era of mobile AI. With Galaxy S24 Ultra in your hands, you can unleash whole new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility — starting with the most important device in your life. Your smartphone.

Armour up with titanium

Better protection with Corning® Gorilla® Armour

Corning® Gorilla® Armour helps protect your screen to keep your device looking beautiful.

Water and dust resistant. Worry free

Don't let water dampen your spirits. Galaxy S24 Ultra is IP68 water and dust resistant — so you're ready for every adventure, puddles and all.

Built-in S Pen writes a whole new chapter

The legacy of Galaxy Note is alive and well. Write, tap and navigate with precision your fingers wish they had on the new, flat display.

Top-notch NPU. Industry-leading camera. Now with AI

With the most megapixels on a smartphone and AI processing, Galaxy S24 Ultra sets the industry standard for image quality every time you hit the shutter. What's more, the new ProVisual engine recognizes objects — improving colour tone, reducing noise and bringing out detail.


Promotion Period: 18th Jan – 6th Feb 2024

Primary Offer:

  1. Memory Upgrade – Purchase the 512GB for the price of 256GB | Purchase the 1TB for the price of 512GB
  2. Samsung Care+ (Bundle & Save) – Samsung Care+ 1 year for free OR Samsung Care+ 2 year for 50% OFF
  3. Eco-Voucher – $100 Credit (If purchasing S24 Base/S24 Plus) to purchase a Tablet/Watch/Galaxy Buds/Accessories | $150 Credit (If purchasing S24 Ultra) to purchase a tablet/watch/Galaxy Buds/Accessories
  4. Trade-In Bonus – Bonus $350 discount for trading in to purchase a S24/S24Plus/S24Ultra

Marketing Offer (Code: GALAXYAI needs to be added as a voucher code)

  1. Eco-voucher – $200 Credit (If GALAXYAI is used in the first 72 hours of pre-order launch) to purchase a Tablet/Watch/Galaxy Buds/Accessories | $100 Credit (If GALAXYAI is used after 72 hours of pre-order period)

Trade-In Bonus – Bonus $350 discount for trading in to purchase a S24/S24Plus/S24Ultra

Special Trade-In Discount for purchasing S24Ultra

We offer you additional Trade-In bonus $200 discount for purchasing S24Ultra, receive your unique promotion code below:

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  1. Visit
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